Welcome to the Official Site of The Free!
Our community is a Dinosaur Community Discord for all who enjoy dinosaurs to join. We cover;


- Gaming -
Games like The Isle, Path of Titans, Beasts of Bermuda and ARK are covered by our community. We play on a variety of servers and in a variety of game modes.

We as a community are looking to run our own a Path of Titans server in the future.

In simulation games (like Isle or Path of Titans) we can be classed as a semi-realism group, even on servers with little-to no rules. We aim to be silent, stealthy and hunt with our Pack.


- Role Play -

Our staff run in game RP is Dinosaur Realism-esque and played on Path of Titans, more information can be found here.


If you prefer a more relaxed role play, we also offer a channel to advertise your search for in game RP creatures for one to one, one off, or casual role play buddies. Casual RP is played on The Isle, Path of Titans, Beasts of Bermuda, and Ark (Play as Dino)

- Art -
We encourage artists within our community to share their creative talents, dinosaur based or not, and promote their work. If you sell your work, you can even apply for an advert space on our website once you become an active member!


This discord is based in the EU and language of choice is English

Unlike some communities, we have no tolerance for toxicity in game or out. Games are here to be enjoyed by everyone, and we as a group aim to uphold that.