Gaming Bots

Music Bots

The main music bots we use and their commands;

Fredboat (Website)

For use by all in the community

;;join - joins voice chat you are in (if permissions allow)

;;leave - stops playing, leaves the channel

;;play <link> (Youtube and soundcloud links accepted)

;;skip - skips song

;;pause - pauses song

;;resume - resumes the song

;;repeat all|single|off - turns on/off repeat

Mee6 (Website)

Reserved for those in Adolescent Dino rank and above, mainly used in the Chill Radio voice chat.

!join - joins voice chat you are in, if permissions allow

!leave - leaves voice chat

!add - adds a song to the playlist

!play - plays list

!pause - pauses song

!stop - stops the current song

!resume - resumes playing

!skip - skips track

!replay - replays the current track

!queue - lists queue

!clear-queue - clears queue

!np - shows track information of current song

!previous - play previous track

In our community we have a couple of gaming bots to assist with entertainment;

Counting Bot (Website)

Literally a counting bot and the simplest of games we host.

Type the next number in the sequence, wait for someone else to type the next and carry on. 

You can only post one number at a time, and it needs a tick from the bot to be accepted/counted

Our aim with this bot is to reach the leader board, after that, who knows?

Tags given with this bot: Hot Chocolate Club (limited ed.), Numborz R Hard 

Commands associated with this bot:

  • c!vote - vote for the bot to gain lives

  • c!leaderboard - see the leaders

  • c!donatesave / c!donatesave @member - Donate a life/save to the community or a specific member


Pancake (Website)

Our little "economy" bot, work, fish, sell items, steal, even play games to win Pancakes to purchase items from the store.

Pancake bot has a huge selection of items within it's shop which are only available within our community, including pets and ways to show off your pancake fortune. 

All items in the store give tags when "used", some of which change your name colour and are exclusive to the bot!

Tags given with this bot (excluding the shop tags which are kept hidden): Pancake Overlord

Commands associated with this bot:

  • p!bal - check balance

  • p!daily - Claim daily pancakes

  • p!claimrewards - Claim rewards for voting for the bot

  • p!dep <amount> / p!dep all - Put money in the bank so others cannot steal it

  • p!withdraw <amount> / p!withdraw all - Take monty out of your bank

  • p!lottery - Take part in the lottery

  • p!inv - See your inventory

  • p!give <member> - Give someone pancakes

  • p!giveitem <item number> <member> - Give someone an item

  • p!rob <member> - Rob someone

  • p!shop - See what is available in the shop

  • p!buy <item> - buy item from the store

  • p!sell <item number> - Sell an item from your inventory

  • p!use <item number> - Use an item to gain a rank

  • p!iteminfo <item number> - See info about an item in your inventory

  • p!leaderboard - See who is where on the leader board

Games (these provide Pancakes if you win)

  • p!blackjack - Play blackjack for pancakes

  • p!fish - Play a fishing game, get fish to sell

  • p!highlow - Play Higher / Lower for Pancakes

  • p!russianroulette - Play Russian Roulette for Pancakes

  • p!slots - Play slots for Pancakes

  • p!trivia - Play Trivia for Pancakes

  • p!work - Work for Pancakes

Just for Fun (These games do not provide Pancakes)

  • p!8ball

  • p!akinator

  • p!bigtext

  • p!coinflip

  • p!embed

  • p!fml

  • p!higherlower

  • p!roas

  • p!say

DinoPark (Website

[New Bot - Info to be updated]