Our In Game Based Casual Dinosaur Role Play


Our casual role play support is suited for those who wish to test out role playing on a game or those who are looking for a very casual experience. You are in charge of who you play with, for how long and what you do.

You can make it more complex with text or voice chat or keep it all in game, it's entirely up to you. 

If you wish to find someone to play with you, you simply need to post your in game dinosaur profile(s) to the "profiles" channel within the discord and/or contact those who post within it yourself. Think of posting profile(s) like an advertisement of your RP self.

Staff do occasionally run casual RP sessions on various games such as The Isle, Ark (Play as Dino), Beasts of Bermuda and Path of Titans, across different maps and servers. These sessions are not usually story-driven, do not require a dinosaur profile to take part and are instead just "be the dinosaur" for that play session.