The additional XP gain listed below, is available for the Role Players of the community only, as they are the ones using it the most.

Invite a new member to the RP      100 xp (member must join the Role Play and actively play for you to gain this XP)

Experience can also be gained by Role Players by submitting artwork and stories about your dinosaur and pack mates. Below is our EXP gain list;


Bust/Headshot (less than 50%)

1 xp

2 xp

2 xp

3 xp


Sketch in Black and White

Added Colour

Adding Shading

Added a Background

Full body (more than 50%)

3 xp

4 xp

4 xp

5 xp

Pixel art 

Worked out the same as above x 0.5exp rounded up to nearest whole exp


Text stories

Less than 1000 words 

For every 1000 words after

1 xp

2 xp for every 1000 words


Quality Bonus

+ 20 xp to any art piece or text over 5000 words which get voted for said bonus by Leaders

Advert Bonus

+ 35 xp to any art piece or text that also advertises our Discord/Website on the submission

Commission Bonus

+ 15 xp to the commissioner / +8 xp to the artist

(applied only if the artist is in the discord at the time of submission. Artist must submit the artwork)

Gift Bonus

+ 15 xp to the artist / +8exp to the Giftee 

(both must be in the discord and part of the RP to receive this bonus. Artist must submit the work)

- To gain xp, artwork submitted must be your own, not commissioned from another artist, not using a base and not traced or copied. The artwork must clearly depict your or another members dinosaur.

- All artists must submit their pieces through the same art account, and must link to it for their submission to count.

- All stories must be in English for quality checking. The text must clearly depict your dinosaur.

- Other artwork like statues, 3D art etc are accepted but will only qualify for the Bonuses. In game screenshots, photos of toys and similar are not accepted for XP.

Experience Gain


Experience will be gained automatically by all members using the Discord's voice chats, messaging within the platform and posting images. Details of this experience gain is withheld to reduce people wishing to attempt to spam simply for points. 


General members are also able to gain EXP by helping to advertise our community; 

Advertising our community via a public means   30 xp
Advertising includes anything that can be proven, and must be on a public area; a twitter shout out, journal etc advertising our Discord/Website (given once a week only to stop spam)