Frequently asked questions


I'd like to join the Discord but don't have a dinosaur character, can I still join?

While our Community has a Role Play, anyone who likes Dinosaurs and dinosaur gaming is welcome to join.

I wish to try playing a particular dinosaur in game, do I need to join a pack or RP to do so?

No, at no point do you have to join a Pack or the Role Play. You are welcome to play what ever dinosaur you like as a general member, and you do not need to join a pack on Discord if you are playing them in a game. Pack and role play membership is for those who wish to take part in the discord role play only and has no corrilation to in game play. This means that, even if you play dinosaurs in game and have a dinosaur-sona, you still do not have to join a Pack or RP. Only join if you want to.

Is there an age limit to joining the Discord?

The Discord is open to all who are allowed to have a Discord account. There is no NSFW activity within the Public areas of the Discord and we will not be adding any. However while we try and keep certain language to a minimum, please be aware that these are real people talking in the voice and text chats, it should therefore be expected that sometimes things are said that could cause offence. It is advised that if something is said to upset you, to contact a Staff member on the Discord to discuss the situation.

I've joined the Discord but I cannot type?

Our discord requires you have a phone registered to your account to use it, this is in place to reduce spammers and trolls. If you are adament you do not wish to register your phone to your account, you might still be able to gain access if there is a Pack Member who can vouch for you. Contact a member of Staff for more information.

I would like to have a coloured name, what ranks can I get?

Please see our website for the ranks available for both general members and those involved with the Role Play;

I have a Discord I would like to advertise, can I do that?

We do not allow members to advertise their Discord community, however if you would like to seek partnership, please see our partnership program page

Role Play

May I join a Pack without a character?

Unfortunately not, you need a character to take part. You can use a base and the colour scheme/personality of a character you already have or even a dinosaur you've designed in a game like The Isle or Path of Titans as long as it is tweaked a little so it's not a direct lift from the game(s) if you have difficulty creating characters. If you need help creating one just let a Staff member know and they can point you in the direction of free bases to use for your creation. You will need to follow the requirements for being a Pack Member outlined in the Discord in order to join.

I wish to play a dinosaur you don't have a pack for or solo, is that ok?

Certainly, those without a pack will be able to wonder the map and explore, but cannot take land. Even if you decide to play solo, you can join a pack at any point as long as there is space and it is the same species as your creature.

What are the Packs?

Packs are played within our discord role play. Each one is identified by a name, given as a tag on Discord and can only be obtained by being a Pack Leader ( also known as Staff).

We will, from time to time, host Pack Vs Pack events, competitions and so on which provides additional EXP to the winners.
In order to join a Pack, you will need to apply with a dinosaur character you own. You will be unable to take part in the role play without one. The character you create also needs to match the Pack you wish to join, for example, if you wish to join the Rexes, you cannot apply with a Raptor character. There also needs to be space within said Pack, otherwise you'll be playing solo until space is made.

What kind of Role Play is your RP

It is a board game type RPG, really simple to pick up, and you only need to design/apply with a Dinosaur character you own or have created

Where can I find more info about your Role Play?

Most of our information about our RP is in our discord in channels; #roleplay-rules and #how-to-play but basic information can also be found on our website


I need help with X game, where can I find help?

For help on games this Discord covers, please see;

What game servers does your community run?

At the moment we run an ARK: Play as Dino server on Crystal Isles. We are looking into other game servers to run in the future. You can see our server information here

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