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[COTF] Realms RP


This is a Role Play Server

This is different to realism in that, you are not fixed to dinosaur traits laid out by palaeontologists. You play as your dinosaur, how you play is up to you. You could play a Stegosaurus with anger issues, or a friendly Daspletosaurus. Want to offer up a sacrifice of a Struthiomimus to the Allosaurus down the road? Go for it.

Try not to metagame, have fun with the role play story ideas, do not always aim to be the best of the best just because that's what everyone else does. There are certain rules to the server to help with keeping relative peace.

The main rules being;

  • No spamming, trolling, flaming etc

  • No mass territory claiming by one clan

  • No being rude or insulting others

Targeting, bullying, name calling or anything toxic is a huge no no. Please be civil to one another, this is a game for all to enjoy

Talking in game to settle disputes or request access to food/water is encouraged instead of just using dinosaur sounds and movements

Be friendly at your own risk in game, not everyone is playing a friendly dinosaur

The other rules are as follows;

  1. Hunting and Body Down Rules

    We run a body down rule when hunting. When a body drops, all fighting must stop. No attacking the same group/surviving dinosaur(s) for an hour after the body drops.

    If you are defending, you can keep attacking until the attackers leave you be. Regardless of the creatures you kill in defence.

    Attackers can claim a body if it was killed in defence, therefore forfeiting the hunt. Attackers giving up on a fight must do a "submit" call and leave the area with any food.

    Only the attackers can forfeit a hunt.
    Defending creatures must not follow fleeing creatures who have "submit" called in this instance.
    Attacking herbivores that win against carnivores/fliers must allow the defeated carnivores/fliers to carry the food away or clean up before they leave.
    Unless all the carnivores/fliers have been killed or fled.

    Any losing defenders must leave the area and not return for food/water for at least an hour. - You do not need to call out before attacking anyone - "submit" calling as prey before being attacked will not necessarily mean the attacker will leave you alone


  2. Territory and Claiming
    Only one territory can be claimed by any one dinosaur or group of dinosaurs at any one time. The territory is only yours as long as your herd/pack is logged in and at the area. Once you have logged, you no longer exist in the world and therefore do not own that area. This means that when you next log in, you may need to reclaim your land should someone else have moved in.

    Water Source Claiming
    All creatures can claim a water source, however they must stay in the area to keep it as "theirs"

    Nesting, Insectivore and Herbivore Food Areas
    Sometimes nesting or food areas are further from water, you can claim an area as your nesting or food spot as long as you are actually using it as a food or nesting place.

    Territory Fights
    All attacking groups must do a threat display before attacking. This must last enough time for the defenders to decide if they wish to fight or leave.

    If the defenders submit before a fight initiates, the attackers win and must allow them to leave with no deaths.

    If a fight must initiate, the body down rule still applies when attacking for claim of a territory. First body down means that pack/herd loses and must leave. All fighting must stop when the attacking or defending group leaves the territory.

    If the attacking group wins the fight, they claim the area, it is now their territory. 
    They must not leave the area.
    Fleeing creatures must "submit" call and not be chased/followed.

    Territories can only be around a full small water source or part of water sources if the lakes/river is too large.
    Swimmers can claim any lakes or rivers they can gain access to and feed from

    Using the water or food source of another territory owner
    It is up to the territory owner to allow those of other species or those outside of their clan to drink from their water.

    Unclaimable lakes
    Titan Lake

  3. Location giving, tracking and calling for back-up
    In no circumstances must you give locations to anyone in general/public chat. Players are not allowed to track others down and swap dinosaurs to partake in fights

    Players are not allowed to call in back up for a fight, either by getting friends to log in to help or getting others from elsewhere on the server to come and assist.


  4. Group Mixing

    No group mixing; Dinosaurs are split into groups as below; - Land Carnivores (including piscivores) - Herbivores - Swimmers - Fliers

    Players cannot mix between groups, i.e. herbivores cannot mix with fliers, swimmers cannot mix with carnivores and so on. Therefore clans can only be one group type.

    If you cannot group up with them in game, you cannot play along side them.

    Max Pack/Herd count is limited to in game pack/herd numbers


  5. Body/Food Guarding
    Herbivores are not allowed to guard bodies, same as with carnivores/swimmers/fliers not being allowed to defend trees/bushes from herbivores. Herbivores can protect bushes, food roots etc from other herbivores

    Basically if you cannot eat it, you cannot guard it from others

    Threaten roar to contest food, "submit" call to give up the food, you must walk away and not re-contest your lost food after regaining health
    Continuing to eat gives acceptance to the contest. Fights can continue until the ones giving up "submit" call and walk away
    You must not pursue those who have "submit" called and begun walking away

    Food can be shared amongst other creatures but they must not stay in the same area to finish the food. I.e. mini gore can be taken from the larger gore and moved elsewhere

    Gore can also be stolen if you are brave enough. This does increase your risk of death though. Those who have had gore stolen can give chase or continue to protect what gore they have left. If the offender gets away, you cannot pursue them any more.

To report anyone for rule breaking, video evidence or screenshots (if reporting text offences) must be submitted via our discord to staff.