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​Game Server ARK: Survival Evolved (PC) (Closing 19th Jan 2021)

Name [CoTF] Play as Dino [PVP] [UK]

Direct Connect IP
Spaces 10
Map Crystal Isles
Mods Play as Dino 2.0
Game mode PvP
- Be polite
- No hacking/cheating

- No rude, obscene or offensive creature/avatar names


This server is designed for full on PVP against AI and people, tribes are therefore limited to 2 person, players can join as humans or dinosaurs. There is no floating damage text, and difficultly is set higher than normal.

[CoTF] servers belong to the Community of The Free. Any other servers belong to their respective owners.

Rules, mods, game modes and other information which could affect game play may change at any time. To keep up to date with alterations, please join the discord to receive announcements

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