Games we play

We are a dinosaur based discord server, but we do also play a few different computer games. The games our members tend to play are;

Survival Dinosaur games such as;

  • Path of Titans (Est. Release Early 2021)

  • The Isle

  • ARK

  • Beasts of Bermuda

We are always open to offers for servers we can call home, if you know of, or own, a server which may be a good fit for the community and you would like to suggest it, please see our partnership section and contact the Owner of the Discord.

Other games we play from time to time;

  • Call to Arms

  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive

  • Deceit

  • Bombtag

  • Second Galaxy

  • War Thunder

  • Minecraft

  • and more

We also share official links to free games available on Steam, Epic Games, Origin and Humble Bundle when available via the announcements section of our Discord.

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