Our community runs a partnership program with other community and gaming discord servers, where we advertise in each others discords. Usually in a specific channel dedicated to partnership advertisements. We are currently open to new partners.

In order to take part in our Discord partnership program;


Your Discord must have at least two of the following;

- Have at least 50 members
- Be English speaking as a majority
- Be advertising a game server we as a community can play on (in this case you'll be advertised in our server section, not the partnership section) and be a game related to our server (e.g. Isle, Beasts of Bermuda, etc)

Your Discord must not;

- Be almost, if not, identical to our Discord
- Be a community/clan run on a gaming server you do not own
- Be an inactive server
- Be advertising a game and/or mode we are already partnered with or hosting ourselves. (e.g. if we are hosting or partnered with a Path of Titans RP server, we will not partner with another Path of Titans RP server)

Those who apply must be the owner of their respective discord, or have authority to agree partnership. You will need to contact the Owner of the Community to apply, via DM only. You do not need to join the discord as a full member to contact the Owner, just send a DM when you join and are in the waiting area. Please make sure to include as much information as you can in the first DM so as to save time and guesswork. Not all that apply will be accepted.