Our Realism In Game Based Dinosaur Role Play


The role play itself is dinosaur realism-esque sessions played on Path of Titans with various creatures. We play different dinosaurs, servers, maps, all depending what the RP session is covering at the time.


The Alpha and Beta decide the details and rule over the RP while in game. General members are expected to listen to what they have to say and follow instructions. Often we will explore, hunt, migrate, nest, anything critters may do in the wild, as well as assist with players' quests on Path of Titans. We will not sit around for hours doing nothing.

Occasionally the RP will have story-driven parts set out over various sessions, although most sessions are contained within one play time.

What is expected of you

All rules within the RP carry the same weight as the main community rules, they are an addition to the rules which already exist and do not replace them. 


When you join our role play sessions, the safety of the pack/herd itself must be your highest priority. We do not tolerate information being passed on to us from outside sources and visa versa or our hunts being stopped to save friends of yours. The main point of survival games is to survive, and if playing carnivore, hunt.


Our community role play rules are in place to keep the RP as interesting and as realistic as we can, but the rules are flexible should they happen to clash on any of the servers we intend to play on. 


Any alterations to the rules will be announced before the session starts. We play in set sessions which last for various lengths of time.

To join you must;

  • Have Discord

  • Be able to join voice chat in Discord and use a microphone

  • Be understood clearly, we use English as our choice of language

    • We use voice chat when we play our sessions, so if you cannot be understood due to bad English or a really bad or non existent microphone, we may not accept you.

  • Show that you can work in a team and are able to listen to commands from those higher up than you

  • Be a respectable, friendly member of the community 

    • i.e. if the RP group finds you are toxic, aggressive etc you won't get in.

  • Join in with pack/herd activities when taking part in the session (e.g. no sitting in a bush as everyone else goes out to hunt or explore)

  • Be tagged as an Adolescent Dino (level 6) within the community

  • Be able to take the RP seriously when needed

    • We are doing this RP to have fun, but not every situation appreciates messing about and laughs. So do not deliberately joke about when everyone else is trying to be serious.

How it works

The group role play is quite strict on who can and cannot join, what happens within it and who can stay within it. Our community is primarily EU based (GMT/CET) so RP sessions will be organised to suit these time zones.

Anyone who wishes to join will first become a Recruit - and there will be certain things you need to do before you can become a full member. More information is available on our Discord, including rules for this role play.

Why are we advertising this now when Path of Titans is not fully out yet?
In depth role play is best played with those you know, so joining the community for this role play and getting to know others, increasing your rank, taking part in casual RP etc will ensure you know who you'll be playing with when the time comes to start this RP properly.