Community Ranks


Special Ranks

Rainbow Time - Given to those who reach level 6 of our ranking system. With this role you can change the colour of your name to any on the list with ease.

Streamer - You gain this rank if you wish to stream with our group regularly (once or twice a month at least), already stream on Twitch or Youtube and have over 1000 watchers/subscribers on either platform. This rank gives the ability to stream within the discord community to our members. Must be Nestling or higher before you can apply for this.


You'll be able to post your streams in our streams channel, as well as host streams within our voice chats.

Streamers are welcome to use the “everyone” and “here” tags within that channel only, so if you do not wish to receive stream notifications please mute that channel. (right click “streams”, click “mute channel”)

Artist - Given to those who sell their art. You can apply for this tag once you are Nestling or higher. You must have an online store of some kind or an active portfolio where we can see without doubt that you sell your artwork.
WebComic Creator - If you have a web comic that you update regularly, feel free to reach out to us for this tag. Your web comic must be suitable for advertising within our community (i.e. SFW) and must be updated regularly in order to keep this role. You can apply for this tag once you are
Nestling or higher


The Artist/Creator and Streamer roles above offer the opportunity to have your business, streaming channel, art or web comic advertised on our community site once you gain the Adolescent Dino role. 

Numberz R Hard - Given to those who break the chain on our number counting bot. This tag is only given to those who break it by accident. If it is deemed it was done on purpose, the tag is removed. 

Realism Role Player - A member of our Realism Role Play group, has access to the exclusive channels dedicated to our realism RP


Game Server Owner - Given to those who own a gaming server and have offered it for use by the community. This tag gives access to a dedicated text channel for easy communication with the staff/other owners. The role is kept as long as the game server is active.

Donator - Someone who has donated to the community in some way, whether it be money towards a community hosted server, the website or donated a prize.

Nitro Booster - You'll gain this rank automatically if you boost our Discord. You'll gain access to a dedicated Text and Voice Channel only available to those with this rank (excluding Staff).

Limited Edition Tags


Hot Chocolate Club - Given to those who helped in our Counting bot channel reaching 1000 for the first time. 

Island Survivor - A temporary Tag given to those who take part in our Dinosaur Island monthly event

Gecko Squad - Was a member with access to our exclusive Ark Server set up for new players

Lone Survivor - The only person to survive our Dinosaur Island event for that month

Champion of Halloween - A tag given to who ever gets the most treats during our Halloween Trick or Treat event (tag is decided by the bot)

Pancake Overlord - A temporary tag given to those who have the most Pancakes at the end of the month
Is Goose - Has reached the GOOSE level on our Dino-bot