Alpha Raptor - Overall decision maker in regards to in game and Discord in its entirety

Discord Staff - An official staff member of our community. They can also have other, more specific roles;

- RP Leader

For those helping with the Role Play (Casual and/or Realism)
To gain this rank you must have a dinosaur application accepted already
Gains a free home tile as a thank you for helping 

- [CoTF] [GAME] Server Admin

For those helping staff a [CoTF] Game Server. [GAME] will be replaced with the game you are admin of (e.g. [CoTF] PoT Server Admin) 
In order to keep this rank you must play on the [CoTF] Game server you are admin of at least 3 hours a week

- Competition Coordinator 

       For those who wish to organise competitions, these can be organised whenever you are available. You will also need to provide prizes (if any)

- [GAME] Trainer

For those who wish to do lessons on how to play [GAME], these can be fighting lessons, survival or just general basics, your
choice. [GAME] will be replaced with the game you are offering training on (e.g. Isle Trailer).

- [CoTF] Event Leader

For those who wish to organise events in games and on discord
Events must be organised at least once a month in order to keep this rank
You'll also be in charge of any Helpers, and keeping checks on them hosting events

Helper - A sub-staff member who helps, guides and welcomes new players and members to the Discord. They do not have any "perks" as such like muting voice chats or deleting messages but their role is just as important.