Support Us


Thank you for taking an interest in supporting our community, there are many ways you can assist in helping our community grow;

Advertising Our Community

If you'd like to help advertise our community, please make sure to include information about it and not just post the link to the discord or website. 

The advert must be friendly sounding, welcoming and positive. Threating posts, joking or otherwise, are not tolerated. Same with false advertising and spamming.

Our Discord link is

Our Website link is

Ideas on what to say;

- Explain about the community, what it is (gaming and role play)
- Say what games we play (Isle, ARK, Path of Titans, Beasts of Bermuda)
- Make sure the post sounds positive and welcoming

An example would be; "Come join our friendly & welcoming dinosaur discord for those who love dinosaur art, gaming and/or roleplay. We play games like Isle, ARK & Path of Titans ~ We aim to make a friendly & fun environment to play and make friends! Hope to see you there! [Link]"


Recruiting new members to the community is an awesome way to help us grow and get more people interested in what we do. 

If you know anyone who loves dinosaurs, plays dinosaur sim games, creates artwork and so on, feel free to tell them about us and invite them!